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Otto Neurath was one of the most intriguing figure in the twentieth century philosophy of science. His bold conception of science was ignored to a large degree by his contemporaries and forgotten for many years, although two recent decades shows renaissance both of logical positivism and Neurath himself. Alas, this tendency is to be noticed only in western countries while in Poland the picture of Neurath and his work is still seen through the prism of old stereotypes and myths of various origins. Popper’s pseudo–critique of logical positivism was especially influential.

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     The idea of this workshop is to start with axiomatizing Neurath’s encyclopedia concept in order to concentrate the minds of all participants, maybe engaging the minds of Cracow, students as well, on explicating Neurath’s messy and contradictory ideas and making useful sense of them. For if Neurath is to mean anything for future research, this should involve understanding of his main contribution to philosophy: the Encyclopedia of Unified Science. Skillfully pulling some teeth on various of Neurath’s radical statements, we may hopefully come up with something useful, but nevertheless recognizably Neurathian.

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